Thinking reed-Aristotle-All men long to know.

亞里斯多德 倫理學
In the beginning of Aristotle’s famous <The Metaphysics>, he said the words of eternity : “By nature, all men long to know.” And the followings focus on the distinguish between experience and skill. Here are some excerpts:
This is because experience is the knowledge of particulars and skill that of universals, and practical actions, like all occurrences, are concerned with particulars.
And the reason for this is that the skilled know the cause, whereas the experienced do not. For the experienced know the “that” but not the “because’, whereas the skilled have a grasp of the “because”, the cause.
They do not, though, give the reason for anything, e.g. as why fire is hot, but merely indicate that it is hot.
Like the most time when I read philosophy writings, I got insight through it though it maybe not the things of kind of philosophy demonstration in strict sense. But I like it because whatever I got in meditation is wisdom I reached. Such as:
1. Though the experienced man is ignorant of the cause, he is going to look after it on the account of the reason given by Aristotle himself: “By nature, all men long to know.” Besides, I think the experiences man have more possibility to reach the cause. After all, he has already have experiences.
2. As far as I know, people know the cause through study on occasional cases. And by occasional cases I mean experience knowledge. How could it be possible a man know why fire is hot without knowing well about that it is hot. On this I agree with Aristotle, the skilled is better than the experienced because he reach the nature of things beyond their nature.
3. I am the one who always wants to know the cause. This tendency maybe do me some good. But sometime I found it made me look stupid. In practice, you have to deal thins immediately. To do this right, you have to act on the basis of know the “that” rather than the “because.” Just do it this way. You got no time to think about the “because.” I think people call a man smart who can always speaks and behaves in the good way in various scenarios. Being a manager I have to act responsively and immediately to all kind of situations. I need to learn to be a smart person. Hope that more and more experiences and practices can get me there.