Now I am thirty years old

Not long ago, it’ve never occurred to me that someday I would be such an old man.
What’s belong to a man with this title? A car, a house, being some sort of salaryman, or keeping his own family.
No. Obviously, I am not well prepare for it.
Deep in my soul, I still like a school boy.
Enjoy rock music, watch Japan drama or American seris, and read books about philosophy or literature.
It’s all the same as the time I spent in my precious college days.
Instead of going to the class, now I go to the office.
However, I know something has changed. I can feel it.
I once had lots of pictures lying in the road ahead.
But it’s gone. It would never come to the real world, my own world.
Time to get to the ture and try to be a man, a thirty-years-old man.